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Welcome to our website and thanks for taking interest in our business. We are thrilled you are here!   We will update things periodically as they happen, so please stay in touch and visit us often.  Most important, just wait until you receive and try on our beautiful shoes!  The leather and suede are sooo soft and the design for the shoe platforms, perfected by our Swiss partners are luxuriously comfortable.  The stacked wood heel on "the Graduation" and the buttery soft kid goat suede of "the Party Flat" add to the class and sophistication of each shoe style.

Remember your friends and family members as they meet the goal of graduation with a pair of our beautiful shoes.

As pleased as we are with the quality design and comfort of our shoes, we want you to know that we are proud to contribute and support the National Cervical Cancer Coalition, recently merged with ASHA.  (Read the article below to find out more)  We know that cervical cancer is fast disappearing due to research and vaccines and with the right information, young women can avoid it altogether.  With each purchase of our shoes, we are making a contribution to NCCC for continued education and access to newsletters with up to date information on this terrible disease.


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