About SweetU

SweetU started as a small family company with a big idea. We wanted to bring college, fashion and style together to students, alumni and family who celebrate with pride in their schools. We decided to create a line of shoes to showcase school pride whether that was at alumni events, tailgates or for a night on the town. We wanted to blend comfort with timeless design, so we went to Switzerland and talked to another family that has been in the shoe industry for over 80 years.  After a few bottles of the bubbly, we agreed that American women love, love their shoes while endlessly seeking comfort and style at an affordable price. We worked hard with our Swiss friends to launch a line of shoes that blend classic style with comfort and European quality. We worked even harder with women on this side of the pond to create a design that appealed to school pride, spirit and fun. That was about 12 months ago and today SweetU is happy to launch the first line of shoes.

On a more serious note, along with our attention to women’s longings for fun and fine fashion, our company has made a commitment in support of women’s health by donating to the National Cervical Cancer Coalition with every purchase of our shoes. Please go online and read about cervical cancer. Be informed! We hope we can make even in a small difference in finding the cure and spreading the most important current research and information to young women.

Our Motto

"Show Your Colors"

Our Promises

  • We promise to provide you with qualify footwear that is fun, comfortable and affordable.
  • We promise that you will be always happy and offer free returns for any online purchase.
  • We promise that we will listen to everything you say, so please contact us with any concerns comments or ideas!